Business Breakfast

Netizens Pro Conference

Netizen’s Social

Women’s Club

Business Breakfast

Every 2 weeks we organise private breakfast with industry professional from particular business field (Real estate, Investment Management, Information Technology, Marketing etc.). 
During the course of the breakfast, speaker shares personal success story and explains emerging market trends by focusing on practical examples and personal experiences. Afterwards the guests are presented with an excellent  opportunity to discuss personal business cases and ask questions. 
The breakfast is designed to host up to 12 guests, who will enjoy delicious food from London’s finest cafes and restaurants. This event is available to guests by application only. 

Netizens Pro Conference

Every 3 months we invite club members and guests to attend the practical business conference with world’s leading experts. The conference is focused on business skills development, with help of active learning techniques and businesslike exercises within peer to peer environment. 
During the event the expert from particular business field presents the most useful insights and shares the best practices. Afterwards the conference participants have an opportunity to practice newly discovered knowledge by engaging in team-based exercises. 
The event is designed to host up to 150 guests and takes place in the conference halls of Central London Hotels.

Netizen’s Social

Every month we organise informal meetings for club members and guests who can socialise in relaxed atmosphere. The social gatherings bring people together for the purpose of making new friends and having a great social life. During this events guests participate in ice breaker activities, engage in party games and have a great fun.
The socials take place in London’s best bars an cocktail clubs.

Women’s Club

Every two weeks we organize meeting for our Netizens Women Community, which strives to unite open and supportive ladies, who are interested in self development. You will get an opportunity to become part of successful women community where you will improve every day to develop better yourself, share your personal and business experiences with others as well as meet new interesting people. Every time our experts will cover different topics including Personal Brand, Health and Beaty, Social Media trends and many more, over Saturday brunch in the best London’s’ venues.